Feral hogs, rattlesnakes: Questions, answers (2023)

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I think this story will make me be more aware when I walk in the pasture!

Feral hogs, rattlesnakes: Questions, answers (1)

Shawn Paul

It's always better to be safe than to be sorry, Dub. Thanks for the comment.


Thank you so much for writing this article. I was really wondering about the credibility of these stories. I find your observations very informative. If this phenomenon were true, it would certainly make for good Texas storytelling! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Shawn Paul

You're welcome, crios. I hope that this blog post offered some perspective to this subject of discussion. Thank you for inspiring the subject matter for this post. As for this rumor, I'd say that regardless of its credibility, it makes for good Texas storytelling in any case.


Its hard to imagine a rattlesnake that don't rattle. I'm go they do so I can stay clear. I was taught as child when out hiking keep your eyes on the growing. You never know what you'll step on!

Feral hogs, rattlesnakes: Questions, answers (3)

Shawn Paul

It sounds like you received some good advice, awilson. We can't always rely on what we hear, so we also need to pay attention to what we see, as well as what all our other senses can alert us to. Thanks for your comment.

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The only good hog is sausage.

Feral hogs, rattlesnakes: Questions, answers (5)

Shawn Paul

I'm also a fan, sir. It's the best part, in my humble opinion. Thanks for the comment, rudeman.

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